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What we offer

The Deposit Vault offers professionals or high income earners a home deposit while giving investors a diversified portfolio of quality Australian residential property by:

20% deposit

Providing the 20% deposit to assist professionals or high income earners in buying a home, or investment property.

Shared equity model

Offering a shared equity model where investors share approx. 20% of any upside on rising property values.

Home loans

Securitising desirable residential home loans capitalising on rising property values & double digit yield returns.

how does The Deposit Vault work?

Qualified professionals or high income earners can enter the Australian residential property market by:


Accessing up to $200,000 for a 20% deposit (thereby avoiding LMI) at a rate of between 10-12%


The Deposit Vault funding ranks as Second Mortgage over the property.


Repaying the loan over a 10 year period

Applicants can either buy their first home or an investment property by accessing 100% finance on favourable terms to allow access to growing Australian property.

selection criteria

Applicants will be selected from the highest quartile of Veda credit scored professionals or high income earners – doctors, dentists, lawyers and accounts earning $180K+ per year.

  • Growth potential of the proposed property
  • Age of home
  • Deviation from the mean price
  • Qualifications of the professional or high income earners seeking a loan
  • Eligible Postcode of property
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Why use the deposit vault

The median house price in Sydney is now $1m
Prices will have changed over the same time period
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